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Our Services include :

Motorhome Damp Repairs
Motorhome Servicing, Maintenance and MOT Preparation Work
Habitation Checks and Inspections
Body Repairs, Welding and Fabrication
Rust Protection and Undersealing
General Electrical Work for All Vehicles

Insurance Approved Accident Repair
Vehicle Restoration
Tyre and Exhaust fitment

In addition to repairing problems caused by damp on your motorhome, we can provide a full range of services to look after all aspects of maintenance. This will ensure that your Motorhome will be dependable on long journeys and in the worst traffic jams should you be unlucky enough to encounter any on your holidays!

Motorhome Services Ltd wish you a happy holliday !

Damp is often a worry when buying a motorhome. Motorhome Damp Repairs (MDR) have the specialist knowledge and skill to fix your motorhome and remove ALL the damp affected sections and refit all sections and seal the ingress points so that it will not leak again.


If you are in the market for a new motorhome then we can save you ££££'s by accompanying you when you go to view a prospective motorhome purchase. Our expert knowledge and experience in the motorhome damp repair and servicing field will ensure that you dont buy an expensive mistake. Please contact us for more info on this service.


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The image above shows "before" (left) and "After" (Right)

To protect the underside of your Motorhome we can protect the chassis rails, brakepipes and brackets that are often forgotten about but nevertheless are vital components that are prone to corrosion.

We offer various stages of protection ranging from simple cavity sealing if your motorhome is correctly undersealed already, to full black waxoil type undersealing and cavity seal. We mask off areas which should not be coated and in certain instances weld and repair as required.

Undersealing / reundersealing can save you alot of money and you should seriously consider this treatment if you park your motorhome on damp grass (a field) often and holiday in seaside areas where the level of salt in the atmosphere is much higher. In areas close to the sea, salt is carried by the wind and the roads are often quite salty all year round. This results in higher than average corrosion of brake pipe and chassis areas.

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Spending time on the hard shoulder is no fun - especially when you are supposed to be enjoying your holiday !. Motorhomes and camper vans need to work when you want to rest and enjoy your precious holidays.

MDR can service your Motorhome as well as tackling damp repairs. We can offer service plans which can include pre-winter preparation so that when its time to go away after the winter months your motorhome starts and runs without a hitch.

Looking after your motorhome's servicing needs will also preserve your vehicles value too, so by spending modestly you are in fact saving money as simple maintenance, such as oil changes, can prevent excessive wear which could result in partial or complete engine failure.

NOTE: Due to the recent increase in Diesel turbo charger failures in cars and vans, Motorhome Services Ltd suggest increasing the frequency of engine oil changes for any turbo diesel models in order to keep the oilways feeding the turbo bearings free from gum or obstructions.

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Motorhomes need sound tyres to drive safely.. Your tyres are your only contact with the road surface and are therefore critical to ensure safe steering, braking and acceleration. It is vital that you have your tyres regularly checked for wear and damage otherwise your holiday may never even start !.

Motorhomes are heavier than your average car and as a result, tyres are put under greater stress. In particular you need to pay attention to the tyre tread and tyre walls. If vibrations can be felt through either the steering wheel or the drivers seat, then this may be an indication of a badly damaged tyre casing which could blow-out at any time without warning.

Make sure that your motorhome's exhaust is also checked regularly and ready for the summer months when millions of cars will take to the road heading off to holiday destinations. For those families that travel abroad in their cars it is estimated that 80,000 calls requesting breakdown assistance involve faulty exhaust systems and tyres. Whilst trouble with your exhaust systems may not be catastrophic, it can cause a great deal of inconvenience to your holiday

As well as damp repairs we can assist you with the supply and fitment of tyres and exhaust systems too. NOTE:Any items not in stock can be ordered and made available same day or within 24hrs..

If you wish to book your vehicle in for Tyres or Exhaust: contact us or Call 01925 229068